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Charlotte Boyette-Compo

Charlotte Boyett-Compo


Desire's Sirocco

Series Connection: WindWorld

ISBN #1-4199-0034-X 



Lord Dagan Kiel is the Master Trainer of the Conclave. It is his duty to provide and train a wife for the Grand Master. When he spies a beautiful naked young woman on the slave block at Sahar Colony, he outbids all others to buy her. Taking her to the infamous Keep of the Brotherhood at Lalssu, he begins in-depth, graphic instructions of the young, naive virgin. Though he trains his charge with the Grand Master in mind, he does not count on falling in love and lust with the lovely Jameela.

Her father and brothers sold Jameela into slavery. She had resigned herself to an existence of backbreaking work or exacting degradation. When the forbidding Lord Dagan purchases her, she knows her life is in the hands of the handsome lord. Learning his terrible secret only deepens a love that began on the long ride to the Keep.

 But the lovers must face formidable obstacles that will take them from the highest plains of desire to the lowest depths of fear. They will battle unseen forces that threaten to tear them apart, and are forced into lethal situations where only love can stay the hand of death. Before Jameela is handed over into the Grand Master's keeping, sheer evil will trod the land and Dagan will know to what depths he is willing to go to keep her at his side.


Longing's Levant

Series Connection: WindWorld

ISBN #1-84360-719-0 



Lord Riel Evann-Sin was a man with whom to reckon. Men feared him and women lusted after the handsome warrior. His sword hand was legendary, his sexual prowess well known.

 Tamara Naibril was a Daughter of the Night—one of the women warriors called Hell Hags by those who feared them.

Kaibyn Zafeyr had been conjured from the Abyss by lonely women who want not only to exploit the Rysalian demon's immortal powers, but to use his muscular body for their own entertainment. Being all things to all women was a tiring job, but Kai was very good at what he liked to do.

Cainer Cree has spent centuries imprisoned on the Isle of Uaigneas. Memories of the woman he had loved and lost ever in his grieving mind, his mission in life is to right the wrongs done to the helpless.

 Fate will bring these four unique beings together to wage war against an evil woman intent on bringing mankind to its knees. It will take every power they possess—human or otherwise—to defeat the Queen of the Daughters of the Night. Along the way, undying love with be forged as Evann-Sin and Tamara become one, hearts entwined.


Rapture's Etesian

Series Connection: WindWorld

ISBN #1-4199-0128-1 



Lady Kynthia Ancaeus was the unwilling bride of a man she had never met. She jumps at the chance to possess powers that will ensure she will never be a helpless victim again.

 Leksi Helios tried his best to outrun the pack of women warriors, but a narcotic-tipped arrow brought him to ground. Staring up into greedy eyes, he was horrified to realize his manhood would soon be in their grasping hands.

 Kynthia discovers Helios bound to her bed. Infuriated that another unwanted mate has been foisted upon her, she sets the warrior free, wanting him out of her life. 

Learning that this lovely woman is a being more powerful than any warrior he has ever encountered, Leksi falls hard for the curvaceous beauty. The flames of Kynthia's love are ignited when the handsome warrior is willing to take her as she really is.

 Against the backdrop of a world on the brink of a hellish war, the first female Reaper is born—a being who Transitions into a wolf-life creature that needs to drink blood in order to thrive. Her powers are forged in the cauldron of a lonely man's need to set right an evil done decades before.


Fated Mates


ISBN #1-4199-0164-8 


Secrets of the Wind


Prince Ruan is in need of protection—though by his reckoning he can bloody well take care of himself. Ruan is in the sights of an assassin who will stop at nothing to kill him.

Major Chastain Neff is a lethal weapon in her own right. As one of the elite Riezell Guardians, she is an expert in all the deadly arts that have made her an accomplished bodyguard to the rich and important. When she is assigned to protect a man who believes she's the one who needs the protecting, she knows she's going to have her hands full with Ruan Cosaint. 

Queen Annalyn is not a woman to leave things to chance, especially when the mystic's message pointed to a woman fated to become Prince Ruan's consort, the ruler of his heart, his protector and the mother of his children. 


Lucien's Khamsin

Series Connection: WindWorld

ISBN #1-4199-0166-4 



In 13th century Hungary, Lucien Korvina comes face to face with mythical beings from his childhood nightmares. Legendary Sagitarry and their beastmasters, the Manicore, descend on cloven hooves upon his tranquil, rustic village and kill or mutilate everything in their path. Left for dead, Lucien is found by the mysterious Sibylline, a Revenant queen from beyond space and time. In her fangs is the promise of eternal life and when she pierces the dying man's jugular, he becomes One with the Blood. As one of the Undead, he has become her plaything—her prince of the Revenants.

 Khamsin has no idea who her parents were or from whence she came. Growing up in an orphanage after the Great War of 2052, she has never known love. Captured by Lucien's men, she fights to escape the clutches of what she believes is pure evil—vampires intent on draining her blood and enslaving her body, forcing her into thrall to a Revenant master.

 Khamsin learns the true ways of the Revenants when, despite her fear of him, she falls in lust and love with Lucien Korvina. There is but one problem—Sibylline.


Pleasure's Foehn

Series Connection: WindVerse

ISBN #1-4199-0179-6 



On the day Davan Shanahan was assigned as doctor to the military pleasure ship, she was having a bad hair day, which was actually an understatement. Her hair looked as though she'd placed her hand on an antique generator. Every dark auburn hair on her head was standing on end.

 When Cair Ghrian met Davan, he was coming off one major drunkfest. Known far and wide as The Black Sun, the scythelord of Amhantar was a prince of the royal house, an infamous Deathwielder and a force to be reckoned withÉespecially when riled. Hating his assignment as the captain of what everyone in the universe called a flying cathouse, Cair's first words to Davan were, "By the Goddess, couldn't you even be bothered to comb that frizzy mess before reporting to me, woman?"

Right from the start, Davan and Cair pushed each other's buttons. She loathed his arrogance and dominating personality. He looked upon her as a nuisance and happily joined the rest of the crew in playing tricks on the new doctor. Thrown together, they would rub each other the wrong way until the rubbing got hot, steamy and incredibly intense.


Passion's Mistral

ISBN #1-4199-0203-2 



Silkie Trevor isn't keen on her new P.I. assignment. She's not a prude, but being ordered to seek out a nameless man with an anchor-shaped birthmark on the most private part of his body isn't something she really wants to do. In order to find her man, Silkie must travel to Mistral Cay, a Caribbean nudist colony catering to rich, privileged women whose every fantasy is granted by handsome young men with chiseled pecs and washboard abs. To find the man she's after, she will be required to inspect the "packages" of each of the handsome gigolos working at the Cay.

Julian St. John is intrigued by the latest arrival to his lush tropical paradise. The honey-blonde beauty with the fascinating green eyes is there under the guise of doing "research" for a long-time client of Julian's—Dr. Olivia Carstairs, the noted urologist. But St. John knows she's there for another, more private reason.

 Determined to have the petite woman for his own, he sets out to win Silkie's heart while she's looking for one particular body among his well-trained male escorts. It's a hot, hands-on job that will make Silkie and Julian sweat!


Ardor's Leveche

Series Connection: WindVerse

ISBN #1-4199-0245-8 



Captain Ardor Kahn of the Riezell Guardians has been given a lethal assignment—infiltrate the royal palace of King Alejandro of Storia and assassinate him. As part of her cover, she is put aboard a penal transport destined for a work camp. When the transport is overrun by Storian raiders set on liberating the prisoners, she finds herself staring into the wicked eyes of the mysterious and deadly Lord Savidos.

 Prince Gabriel Leveche should be dead. After all, his father King Alejandro issued a death warrant for him, sending his son to a fiery execution. But Gabriel is a hard man to kill and he's come back from the realm of the shades as a Reaper—a shape shifter. Now known as Lord Savidos, Gabriel leads forces attempting to overthrow his tyrannical father while protecting his people. When he discovers a Riezell Guardian on the ship he has commandeered, he takes delight in matching wits with a member of the famed Guardians.

The Reaper and the Riezell Guardian join forces to combat the immoral stranglehold of the Storian king and in the bargain discover that love—and lust—come when least expected.


Prisoners of the Wind

Series Connection: WindVerse

ISBN #1-4199-0334-9 



Marin Deringnoe and her friends from the exclusive boarding school they attended were in deep trouble. Protesting the policy of no women in government, they had egged the chief tribunalist's runabout and earned for themselves a lengthy stay at the Fi‡in women's prison where they would perform their community service. 

Taegin Drae, the captain of the prison transport ship, frightened the virginal Marin more than the strange dreams she'd been having of a tall, dark and lusty lover. He was the most intimidating male she had ever seen and one look from his golden eyes made her knees weak. But was it from fright or a building passion that seemed to come over her each time the handsome shape-shifter was near? 

In the vastness of space beyond her ruthless mother's reach of power, Marin would become a woman in the arms of her mother's worst enemy.


WyndRiver Sinner

Series Connection: WesternWind

ISBN #1-4199-0340-3 



In the year 3478, Reaper Cynyr Cree has been sent to the western territories by the High Council as their executioner in taking out rogues. He's hot, tired, dusty and not in the best of moods when he happens upon a young woman being attacked. Dispatching the assailant with a careless flick of his laser whip, Cynyr doesn't give the woman a second thought until she follows him to his camp in search of food and protection. 

Sold by her ex-husband for a brace of horses, Aingeal has known the hardships of being the property of a Jakotai brave intent on keeping her at all costs and she has run away. Being rescued by an infamous Reaper seems the only way she can escape her captivity and she's willing to do what it takes to stay with Cree.

 Taking lives comes easy to Cynyr. Living one is another matter. Always keeping his distance from others, he is stunned to realize he doesn't want to let Aingeal leave him. 

When a man named Cynyr decides to make a woman named Aingeal his own, no man will ever take her from him.


Reaper's Revenge

Series Connection: WesternWind

ISBN #1-4199-0456-6 



There's unfinished business in Haines City. . .Cynyr Cree and his wife Aingeal have returned to the western town to protect its citizens from two men the Reaper thought he'd killed. With Cree are the other six Reapers of his team, sent there by the Shadowlords to help stamp out an impending threat to all mankind lurking in the mountains of the high desert.

Otaktay, the Jakotai brave who once owned Aingeal, has sworn to take her back from Cree and to slay the Reaper before her eyes. Teaming up a rogue Reaper, Otaktay will let nothing stand in his way of retrieving the woman he believes belongs to him. 

From the blackness of space, the Triune Goddess Morrigunia keeps a close eye on Her beloved Reapers. When She senses death and danger stalking one of Her own, She returns to Terra with vengeance in Her eye and annihilation in Her black heart.

 Note: While this can be read as a stand-alone story, we recommend reading WyndRiver Sinner before Reaper's Revenge.



ISBN #1-4199-0492-2 



Daire Cronin is a stone-cold killer who works for an ultra-secretive government agency that doesn't officially exist. A highly trained assassin with a deadly aim and an even deadlier temper, D‡ire is very good at what he does. He's a "no prisoners" kind of guy, a cold, merciless operative who makes an unforgiving enemy. 

Star Kiernan is the only woman in the world for Daire. He loves her more than his own life. Only her silky arms can hold his brutal world at bay and keep him sane in a world gone mad with violence. For her, he would risk anything, do anything, and God help the man or woman who gets in his way.

 Tyndall Gentry owns Daire, body and soul. She is his handler, his boss. She directs every part of his life, but she can't stop him from preferring Star to her and that is the one thing that makes Tyndall even more dangerous than the man she controls.

 Under the hot, steamy sun of Florida's Panhandle, Daire and Star will learn the hard way that unrequited love and ruthless lust can drive a woman to extremes. 

Reader Advisory: Not for the faint of heart. Contains a male forced seduction scene.


Phantom of the Wind

Series Connection: WindVerse

ISBN #1-4199-0514-7 



Healer Kendall Byrne's heart had been ripped apart two years earlier when Rory Quinn—Phantom—a swashbuckling thief, told her he was casting her aside. Burying herself in her work aboard the medivac ship the Slainte to forget him, Kendall tries to push all thoughts of Rory and the great love they had shared out of her mind. However, when she finds out the seriously injured prisoner being brought aboard her ship is none other than Rory Quinn—condemned to a horrible death at the hands of the Coalition—she knows she has an emotional battle on her hands.

 Despite his terrible injuries, his handsome face brings back wicked memories that make her body burn for the cocky pirate. She realizes she will always love Rory Quinn and will ultimately do anything to make sure he remains safe.

 Sacrifices made on both sides, a love so strong that Kendall and Quinn are willing to give up their own existence so the other might survive. Where friendships are forged and alliances made that will not be broken.


Shades of the Wind

ISBN #1-4199-0570-8 



Catherine Brell has journeyed with her fiancee Bahru to Diabolusia, where Bahru is to take up a position as a taricheutes — a preparer of the dead — at the palatial estate of Anubeion. Her engagement had been arranged by her family but Catherine finds she has deep reservations about Bahru, whose interests seemed to lie more in young boys than in the woman he is to marry.

 Prince Khenty is the Lord of the Silent Lands of the West. He is the earthly representative of Anubis, the God of the Dead. For centuries the men of his family have been the companions of the dead, escorting them to the Afterlife. Until he meets Catherine, he does not know what it truly means to be alive.

 As Khenty's housekeeper, Nyria has been the prince's only female companion for many years and her jealousy knows no boundaries. Her hatred of the growing affection forming between the lovely Catherine and Khenty will drive the housekeeper to murderous rage. If the prince cannot be hers and hers alone, she will take his life and join him as a shade in the world beyond.


Prime Reaper

Series Connection: WesternWind

ISBN #9781419905827 



Prime Reaper Arawn Gehdrin never expected to find a woman who would be willing to share her life with him. As the head of the Reaper unit, he was feared and loathed. Men stepped aside for him, women hid from him and children had nightmares when he showed up in their town. But that wasn't the case with Danielle Brewster, the sheriff's strong-willed daughter. With flashing eyes and a saucy grin, she set out to win the Reaper's heart and capture his very soul.

 Danielle saw only the good in Arawn Gehdrin and understood his loneliness, for that same loneliness stared back at her from the mirror each morning. His smile set her heart racing and his dark good looks sent shivers of desire coursing through her body. There was no way she was going to let him get away from her.

 Beyond the western mountains lurks an evil the Reapers thought destroyed. The Ceannus — alien creatures hell-bent on enslaving humankind—had returned to Terra with a vile secret meant to cripple the Reapers. With them, they had brought horrendous death for the people of Terra.


Hunger's Harmattan

Series Connection: WindVerse

ISBN #9781419907685 



Amazeen warrioress Lieutenant Colonel Shanee Iphito has been awarded the coveted rank of Primary Riezell Guardian. She accordingly has been sent by the New Coalition of Planets to Theristes, one of the homeworlds of the infamous Reapers. She is in search of Ailyn Harmattan, the duke of Kentsington, the rightful heir to the Harmattan fortune, who has been missing since the War began.

For almost twenty years Ailyn had been held captive on Riezell-Nine, a maximum-security medical facility where atrocious experiments were carried out upon the prisoners. Now a Reaper — a shape-shifting vampire who must consume blood in order to survive — Ailyn has hidden himself away on Theristes, unwilling to return to his home, unable to face his family and the obligations he knows are his. 

In the steamy jungles of Theristes, Shanee will find the love she has unknowingly sought all her life and Ailyn will find the true mate of his heart. Together they must combine their strengths and knowledge to help defeat an evil greater than the blossoming love that has grown between them.

 Come back to the world of the Reapers where nothing is ever what it seems.


Tears of the Reaper

Series Connection: WesternWind

ISBN #9781419908095 



Reaper Owen Tohre has looked into the blazing fires of hell and known its brutal flames. After his last assignment, he is not the man he once thought himself to be and the difference is eating away at his soul. His internal strife is tearing him apart and the only way he has found to handle it is by abusing the strong narcotic that keeps his beastly side in check.

Having left the Citadel for a while to come to terms with what happened to him, he finds himself riding close to the international border between the Wismin Territory of Serenia and the Manontaque Province of the Northmen Cadre when he hears a young boy screaming for help. Without thinking he goes to the boy's aid, but after saving the child, Tohre goes into a violent seizure that nearly claims his life.

 Awakening in a strange bed, in a strange place populated by a strict cult of stern men and subservient women, Tohre will find himself reflected in the fearful lilac eyes of Rachel Lawrence. Realizing this woman is his destiny, Tohre will risk everything to make her his own.


Ghost Wind

ISBN #9781419909955 



Author Lanelle Durant has left behind an abusive husband whom she was beginning to fear. It was kismet that her car broke down on Interstate 80 in the heart of Iowa, for she learns her ex-husband is lying in wait for her in her native Georgia, his anger building, his irrational behavior even more frightening. 

Deciding to stay in the little town of Grinnell as her car is being repaired, Lannie discovers an old farmstead that calls to the country girl in her, bidding her to buy the quaint Victorian farmhouse and make it her own.

 But the long-vacant house at Rock Creek has a ghostly resident whose siren call to Lannie is stronger than death and more seductive than she can withstand. Glimpsing a handsome face in the depths of a mirror, she is spellbound and unwilling to forego the pleasures it whispers. In the arms of a spectral lover, she will discover that there really is life after death.


Her Reaper's Arms

Series Connection: WesternWind

ISBN #9781419911149 



Reaper Bevyn Coure had never wanted a companion of his own. He didn't need a woman because they complicated things. For one of his kind, women were trouble and that was trouble he had no intention of taking upon himself. But after the death of a friend, in a low moment in a seedy bar, in a town smack dab in the middle of nowhere, Coure came up against the one woman he could not resist.

 Lea Walsh had been minding her own business, sweeping the floor of the bar, trying to ignore the handsome man whose deadly eyes were staring at her from the mirror behind the bar, whose strong hands cupping the whiskey glass made her body clench. When he demanded she accompany him to his room, she knew her life would never be the same.




ISBN #9781419912184 



A trio of destiny-crossed lovers.

 Saxxon Kell is a fierce warrior with a penchant for running his blade through very bad men. He's not looking for a woman but should one fall in his lap, he won't push her off.

 General Meilich Caisil-Chr˜ is Kell's sworn enemy, having long ago taken the warrior's betrothed from him on their wedding night. He has a penchant for taking what doesn't belong to him. 

Lillian Connors has been abducted by the general and Kell has been sent to rescue her. As beautiful as she is feisty, she has a penchant for wanting a man to make her toes curl when he kisses her.

Two men plus one lovely, sensuous woman equals an adventure in the making. With both men head over heels in love and lust with her, Lillian will have her hands full.


My Reaper's Daughter

Series Connection: WesternWind

ISBN #9781419913044 



Alone in the middle of the desert after having had to put down his beloved horse, Reaper Glyn Kullen is having one of the worst days of his life. Miserable, lonely, he is not in a good mood when he climbs into the stagecoach to find a young woman and her daughter staring back at him. 

Mystery Butler has no fear of the infamous Reaper. His dark good looks and amber eyes strike her hard for the pain in those striking orbs mirrors her own. When her six-year-old-daughter Valda strikes up a conversation with the lawman, the smile on the shape-shifter's face melts her heart.

 Widowed, Mystery is on her way to the plantation that is home to her siblings. Once there, a jealous woman's vengeance, an ancient evil's return and another man's carnal desire will fling Mystery, Glyn and Valda into a maelstrom of pure evil that will nearly destroy the Reaper.


Embrace the Wind

Series Connection: WesternWind

ISBN #9781419913402 



Reaper Eanan Tohre had no idea why he had been ordered before the Gatekeepers of the Citadel. He knew nothing of the three beautiful women or for what possible reason they could have summoned him. Commanded to sit still and be quiet in their presence, the deadly warrior squirmed as their sensual eyes roamed over him. Those knowing gazes setting his black blood pumping hard in his veins.

 And that wasn't all that was turning hard with the Reaper. As he stared back at the Gatekeepers, he began to feel a hot, searing lust that was slowly building into an inferno of desire. When they told him to strip for them or be stripped, the Reaper had no choice but to obey.


Dancing on the Wind

ISBN #9781419915178 



The last thing Alpha Agent Mikhail Fallon wanted was a partner, and a human partner at that. His special powers as a Reaper were all he needed to get the job done. A human, even one with psychic powers, would only get in the way and especially so if she was a female.

 Keenan McCullough took one look at the man with whom she was to partner and felt a chill go through her. It wasn't the deadly persona he gave off, the growl aimed her way, the way his eyes flicked at her with disdain. What scared Keenan was her immediate and overwhelming attraction to the tall, dark and hands-off killer. She wasn't looking for an attachment but one had just found her. Fallon and Keenan come together like matches and gasoline—a heated explosion just waiting to erupt. Their bodies on fire with a need neither can satisfy anywhere else, it is only a matter of time before their passions will detonate. For them, primal lust is a time bomb waiting to explode.


Black Moon Reaper

Series Connection: WesternWind

ISBN #9781419916205 



His fellow Reapers have always wondered about Phelan. Was he what he seemed or was he simply a man who enjoyed keeping his teammates guessing? Did his desires run to the ladies or did he crave different pleasures, stronger hands, harder bodies? 

Gunman Fontabeau Sorn has a secret. Working undercover for the Triune Goddess, he wasn't looking for a mate. When Phelan walked out of the general store, Sorn's hormones began to heat, his body harden, and Beau made up his mind the handsome young Reaper would be his. Convincing Phelan was another matter.

Lucy is a Madame and right proud of her ability to turn a man inside out with her luscious body. One look at Phelan and that was all it took for her to decide he was the one for whom she'd been created., Three hearts. Three bodies. But only two of the three will find their passions igniting into a raging inferno while the third will be left with a mouth tasting of ashes. Which one will it be?



Craving's Chinook

Series Connection: WindVerse

ISBN #9781419916670 



Captain Rynlyn Rede has reached the lowest point in his life. He has lost his best friend to a brutal attack and the guilt of surviving is taking its toll on the warrior. In a moment of weakness he walks aboard the Chinook, one of three pleasure ships used for military R&R, in hopes of easing his unbearable sorrow in the arms of a beautiful woman.

 Tess is a courtesan whose beauty and silken body has captured even an emperor's notice. Having spent her entire adult life aboard the pleasure ships, she has learned how to satiate even the most jaded warrior's appetites. When she sits down at Rynlyn's table her psychic senses tell her more about the man with whom she is destined to spend the night than she could have ever imagined. 

In the limitless expanse of the Windverse, Rynlyn and Tessa discover their hearts' soul among the stars and form an enduring alliance that not even death can sever.


Kiss of the Wind

ISBN #9781419917226 



Imprisoned in a mountain fortress, the Storm Lord Aeral looks down on the world with longing. Tortured by isolation, his only relief is to send his mind into the village below. On a cold, wind-laced night he ventures into the cottage of the chieftain and finds his heart captured by the man's beautiful daughter.

 For centuries the Sea Lord has despised his brother. He has sent a water-born plague to devastate the village. People are dying and the only way to save them is with the holding of a lottery to choose an unwilling bride for Aeral. No human woman has ever survived marriage to the Storm Lord.

 Aideyn, the chieftain's daughter, is the woman picked as the Chosen. It was hard for her to leave her family, but she is determined to make the best of her situation. One look at the handsome Aeral and she feels the tortured soul within him. Her gentle heart aches at his plight, but surviving her wedding night may well be the hardest thing she'll ever do.


Emperor of the Wind

Series Connection: WindVerse

ISBN #9781419919305 



Ryden Bakari is the Emperor of Aduaidh Prime, the Burgon, the most powerful man in the megaverse. And he is putty in the hands of the woman he loves. 

Miriam Quillan lost everything to the intergalactic war that claimed her first husband's life. But in the arms of the Burgon, she will come alive and her body will ache for want of his.

 Like a sensuous lick of flame over a coverlet of satin and lace, a love so pure and a lust so overpowering will claim the Burgon and his lady to push all thoughts of war aside. Hot hands, warm mouths, and bodies throbbing with uncontrollable heat on a tropical world will set ablaze a roaring inferno of passion in the coldness of space.



Series Connection: WindVerse

ISBN #9781419918117 



Ranulf MacKirnan can have any woman he wants. It isn't because he's handsome. He's that in spades. It isn't because he's sexy as hell. He's hotter than a fifty-megaton bomb. And it isn't because he can use his body like the well-honed tool it is. What sets women lusting after Ranulf MacKirnan is a power so sensual, so exacting not a one of them can resist him. He can seduce them with nothing more than a touch of his hand. Jade Shimota has only one use for men. For a man to win her heart, he has to win her body first. Before he can do that, he must do what no other man has been able to. He must prove to her that he's her equal — on the field of battle as well as in her bed.

 When an irresistible force meets an immovable object something's gotta give, and giving a woman what she needs is what MacKirnan does best.

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